About us

Vebi Istituto Biochimico starts in 1944 as a pharmaceutical industry. Exploiting its vast formulative knowledge during the years, its production evolved into the specialization of chemicals with a biological activity.

Vebi Istituto Biochimico uses biochemistry to research, manufacture and market hygiene, health and beauty solutions. A skillful choice of effective biochemical formulations and practices placed Vebi as one of the most important companies world over, in terms of ability to resolve problems linked to safety and health.

Ours is a solid, flexible and dynamic factory, innovatively working at international level with a powerful manufacturing capacity and a wide ranging distribution network.

Vebi provide its know-how and experience in the manufacture of rodenticides, insecticides, repellents and plant protection products to all partners, world over.

VEBI aim to pursue research and development of products that are as efficient as possible, whilst causing the least harm. It is our wish to contribute, with every corporate action, to fostering as far as possible an eco-friendly mentality among all of us, certain thus to improve the collective wellbeing. We are committed to manufacturing our products in the most responsible way, in accordance with all environmental guidance or laws. The use of our products must be instructed and taught, so as to obtain maximum efficacy, while reducing the ecological impact at the same time.

We are fully aware of the opportunities and advantages arising from a careful and responsible management of natural resources, bearing in mind not only economic, but also ecological and social aspects.

R&D department
A young and enthusiastic team of specialists with a great experience in research and development. The company’s heart, its aim is to develop innovative, reliable, effective and steady products, in full
compliance with the law.

Regulatory affairs
Over 200 European authorizations. Our Regulatory Office is continually committed to the introduction and commercialization of new products / formulations in different countries. This department is responsible for the preparation of product dossiers, in order to obtain marketing authorizations, differently required world over. During the last few years, the Regulatory Department prepared and obtained five new biocidal dossiers, while another four are presently in the pipeline.

Specialized in the production of rodenticides, insecticides, repellents, plant protection products and fertilizers with different kinds of formulations and active ingredients. Full attention to the entire manufacturing process and periodically quality check of the raw materials guarantees the marketing of high-rate products. We can offer to all our partners high flexibility in terms of both productive cycles, volumes and time schedules.

Quality control
Over 3.000 reports per year are the guarantee of product’s analysis in real time. This is made possible thanks to innovative and modern tools and HPLC appliances.

Over 4000 pallet storage spaces.

Graphic and packaging solutions
High quality personalized packaging with an impactful image: because eye-catching and visibility on the shelves are important assets. By offering over 50 kinds of packaging in different materials, shapes and sizes, we try to meet and satisfy our customers’ needs in terms of graphics and communication as well.


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