Anti-mosquito larvicide

AEDEX is a larvicide in effervescent tablets. It is extremely effective against all mosquito species (including the Asian Tiger Mosquito). Aedex performs its action by swallowing and contact, by miming the effect of the juvenile hormone that prevents the larva from transforming and becoming adult. If used at the right time and in the correct manner, it presents a certain selectivity towards predators and hyperparassites. It is relatively harmless for the other animal species.

S-Metophrene (N. CAS 65733-16-6) 0,5 g
Denatonium Benzoate (N. CAS 3734-33-6) 0,001 g
Co-formulants in sufficient quantity for 100 g

Flowerpot holder, larvae, ditches and manhole.

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Units Carton
10 x 2 g tablets 12 pieces
50 x 2 g tablets 12 pieces
1000 x 2 g tablets 6 pieces
5 kg


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