Bio Spray

Natural barriar against cat, dog and horse parassites

BIO SPRAY forms a natural barrier to defend your pets. It contains a mixture of natural extracts based on the oil of Neem, an Indian plant known for its beneficial properties, including insect repellency. BIO SPRAY creates an unfavourable environment for the survival of fleas, ticks and lice, thus helping to prevent re-infestations. The presence of natural antiparasitics and repellents (Melia azadirachta or Neem oil, Pelargonium odoratissimum, Rosmarinus officinalis and Lavandula latifolia) protects the skin against phlebotominae (midges), flies and mosquitoes, while the mixture of essential oils leaves a subtle fragrance on your pet’s coat. BIO SPRAY has no contraindications, and it is not harmful for man or the environment: qualities that make it particularly suitable for animals that live in contact with children.

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Units Carton
400 ml 16 pieces
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