Duracid Microgranuli

Ready to use, long-lasting insecticide in granular formulation with knock-down and domino effect

DURACID MICRO GRANULES is a rady to use, long-lasting pyrethroid insecticide in granular formulation. The prduct is effective by ingestion. Thanks to the microencapsulated technology, the insecticide has both a knock-down and domino effect. DURACID MICRO GRANULES is particularly active against ants. No repellency.

Cypermethrin (N. CAS 52315-07-8) 0,600 g
Denatonium Benzoate (N. CAS 3734-33-6) 0,001 g
Co-formulants sufficient quantity fo 100,000 g

It’s recommended for both indoor and outdoor use to treat homes (kitchens, cellars, windowsills, walkways, etc.) and gardens, perimeter areas of buildings, from ant nests visible on lawns or under vegetation, areas adjacent to the home or civil environments to create a protective barrier.

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Units Carton
100 g 30 pieces
150 g 50 pieces
1 kg 12 pieces
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