Bait in a ready to use formula to control all species of cockroach

GEKO is a ready to use gel bait to control all species of cockroaches at all ages both males and females. GEKO works by contact and ingestion on the nervous transmission, combining attraction, palatability and insecticide efficiency. Indeed, the product contains food substances and additives that attract insects up to a metre away, by stimulating the cockroach feeding process. This guarantees the assumption of lethal doses of the active substance. Practical use tests have shown that the whole population of cockroaches is eliminated in approximately 5 or 6 days following application. GEKO remains stable and active for many weeks after application. The product does not transude, drip, stain or dry out.

Imidacloprid (N. CAS 138261-41-3) 2,15 g
Denatonium Benzoate (N. CAS 3734-33-6) 0,01 g
Taste-enhancing baiting substances sufficient quantity for 100 g

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Units Carton
syringe 10 g 12 pieces
tube 15 g 12 pieces
syringe 30 g 12 pieces


Units Carton
Application gun 1 piece
Stainless steel tip for application (lenght: 2,5 cm) 25 pieces


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