BIO 3 IN UNO Concentrated (BIO 3 IN ONE)

Bio 3 in uno concentrato

Concentrated natural product for plants

Concentrated BIO 3 IN ONE is a 100% natural product based on organic compounds that helps the plant to activate its natural immune system. Through the immediate and intense activation of the physiological defence mechanisms of plants, concentrated BIO 3 IN ONE fights off fungal diseases and all other diseases that strike the external (aerial) part of plants. It has a broad spectrum of action and ensures effective protection against a vast range of insects and mites. Concentrated BIO 3 IN ONE is effective on numerous crops: vegetables, fruit, cereals and wheat.

Fatty acid potassium salts (natural additive), 4.25%
Plant extracts with flavonoids and organic acids 37.74%
Essential plant oils, 10.38%
Lignin sulphonate and silicate, 5.66%
Fulvic acids, 0.47%
Density 1.06
pH 4.5 4,50

Oidium spp.Botrytis spp., Alternaria spp., Plasmopara spp., Septoria spp., etc.

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Units Carton
45 ml 2 displays 12 pieces
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