Lagoon protection

Spray repellent for human against mosquitoes

LAGOON PROTECTION is a repellent in spray form for human against mosquitoes. The product takes advantage of Vebi microencapsulation technology, which allows DEET to be released gradually. This prolongs the effect of the product up to 6 hours from the first application. At the same time, the presence of the Geraniol both protects immediately from the insect bites and provides the product a pleasant fragrance. LAGOON PROTECTION is not irritating for the skin (OECD test n. 404) and not sensitizing (OECD test n. 406). Indeed, the microencapsulation of DEET prevents the absorption of the product by the skin.

DEET (N. CAS 134-62-3) 20 g
Geraniol (N. CAS 52-51-7) 0,5 g
Coformulants q.s. to 100 g


LAGOON PROTECTION is advisable to be used only on adults, in tropical areas, woods, lagoons or any other place that requires a strong protection from insects.

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