P 20


UV light trap

The P 20 UV light trap has been built from high quality aluminium and its design is such as to suit any environment. Uses UV lamps with high attraction power. Insects are attracted to and then withheld by the interchangeable adhesive plate. It is entirely hygienic, making it the perfect ally for commercial and industrial applications. The device is very popular in food environments and other sensitive places (kitchens, restaurant, hospitals, schools, offices, shops, pharmacies, etc.). P 20 UV light can be fixed to the wall or it can selfstand.

Lenght: 26,0 cm
Width: 30,5 cm
Height: 11,0 cm

Covered area: up to 90 m2.

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Code Units Carton
01245 complete product 1 piece
01246 adhesive surface 6 pieces
01247 neon tube 20 watt 1 piece
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