Microencapsulated repellent in spray form for horses, cats and dogs against ticks and flies

RESCUDO is a microencapsulated repellent in spray form for horses, cats and dogs against ticks and flies. The product combines the active principle DEET, a consolidated repellent for human use, with the effect of the natural extract of Geraniol. RESCUDO is effective up to 24h after the application. This is possible thanks to the microcapsule technology developed by Vebi laboratories, which allows DEET to be released slowly. On the other hand, Geraniol offers an immediate repellent effect, safeguarding our animals from insect bites, while providing RESCUDO with a pleasant fragrance.

DEET (N. CAS 134-62-3) 20 g
Geraniol (N. CAS 52-51-7) 0,5 g
Coformulants q.s. to 100,0 g

Before the application, brush the animal coat in order to remove the dust. Spray RESCUDO uniformly on the animal from a distance of 20 cm, avoiding the usage directly on the eyes, the nose and the mouth of the animal. The product immediately after being sprayed will color slightly the animal of white, this will help you to spray the product evenly. To treat a horse of average dimensions are needed approximately 250 ml of product.

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Units Carton
250 ml 12 pieces
1 litre 6 pieces
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