Bait cultures

 Since 1964, we specialized on research and study of rodenticide baits.
A great legacy that fully validates Vebi as a major company in the Pest Control field.

The continuous research and the close contact with professional redent controllers working in different countries, have brought to the creation of numerous forms of bait suitable for different situations.
All new formulations are tested with the purpose of evaluating their effectiveness and to learn about palatability. The tests are not only carried out in cages, but they are mainly performed at different field sites in order to obtain different responses. Both research and analysis laboratories are the core technology facilities for innovations and quality control.
The company technical personnel welcome more test results confirmation for product use from professional rodent controllers.


Bait palatability is a concept that must be determined through statistically reliable tests. It depends on the availability of alternative food sources, eating habits of single populations, demographic pressure and social behavior.



Baits should also be chosen in function of their resistance to atmospheric agents.


Technical data sheets