Microencapsulation Technology

Vebi R&D labs created in 2007 Draker, a special microencapsulated insecticide formulation.
Today Draker is present with great success in many countries around the world.

Cypermethrin and PBO are contained in microcapsules coated with a fine porous polymer film that:

  • PROTECTS AGAINST DEGRADATION: of the active ingredients.
  • REGULATES THE RELEASE OF THE ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: Draker microcapsules become active only after they are sprayed into the environment. Once water starts evaporating, active ingredients can be slowly released.
  • HAS A RESIDUAL EFFECT: Microcapsules deflate until the whole active ingredients have been released.

Draker contains the following active ingredients:
TETRAMETHRIN: Pyrethroid insecticide with a fast knock-down and residual effect.
CYPERMETHRIN: Pyrethroid insecticide with a long-lasting residual effect.
PBO (PIPERONYL BUTOXIDE): Synergist Pyrethroid insecticide with a long-lasting residual effect.


Immagine2IMMEDIATE ACTION: fast knockdown, dislodging and repelling action.
Tetramethrin: free in the formulation, gives immediate Knock-down effect, very visible on flying insects. On crawling insects it shows a flushing effect especially on the Blattella germanica.
Piperonyl Butoxide (PBO): increases the Tetramethrin and Cypermethrin power inhibiting the cytochrome P450 and non-specific esterase.

Immagine1CONTROLLED RELEASE AND LONG RESIDUAL ACTIVITY: non-repellent and long-lasting residual killing action.
Cypermethrin: it’s a synthetic photo-stable pyrethroid insecticide, widely used as an insecticide, acaricide. It works by contact and ingestion on flying and crawling insects. It’s microencapsulated and gives to formulation a long lasting effect, that makes DRAKER effective for more than 2 months.

Technical data sheets